Ion Detox, PEMF Mat, TENS-EMS Unit

Overview of Additional Therapies That We Offer

We, Mico and I, offer you 3 cutting-edge devices to further facilitate health and well-being, including detoxification, healing, balancing and renewal of the body-mind complex. Each was chosen for their superior qualities and functions out of many available brands: The Dyna-Chi Ionic Body Balancer ion detox machine, The iMRS 2000 PEMF Machine, and the LG-8TM TENS Unit with EMS.

These devices are invaluable aids to the body for maintaining health, for pain reduction, and especially for healing and detoxification, helping the body to regain balance and vitality and function more optimally.

Ionic Foot Detox/Body-Balancing Therapy is offered per 45 minute session and in discounted multi-session packs.

PEMF Mat Therapy is offered per 8 minute sessions and in discounted multi-session packs, and works well in conjunction with other therapies such as Massage, Ion Detox and TENS unit therapy

TENS-EMS Unit Therapy is offered per 20 minute session targeted at one specific area of the body, and discounted multi-session packs are also available.