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Jun Probiotic Elixer 

"The champagne of kombucha and mead"

Jun, sometimes called the "champagne of kombucha", is an effervescent, fermented, probiotic health tonic. The cultures of Jun eat (organic, fresh from our hives) raw honey and green tea rather than refined sugar and black tea. Jun is mild and delicate with a pleasantly tart flavor and a more complex sweetness - like kombucha and honey mead synthesized into one.

Jun is alkalinizing, with all the living probiotic health benefits of kombucha. It may contain more naturally-occurring alcohol than kombucha, hovering somewhere around the 2% range, versus .5% for kombucha.

Originating in ancient Asia, and widely found in parts of western Tibet, Jun tea is shielded behind a veil of secrecy, myth, mysticism and mystery. For many brewers, Jun is more than a probiotic tonic of green tea and honey; rather, it is an ancient spiritual elixir. The oral tradition of Jun goes back several millennia, and it is thought that Lau Tsu himself gave an heirloom culture to the monks of Bon in Tibet.

Please keep Jun refrigerated to not over-ferment.

The price of this quality health beverage is $6.00 per bottle + a $1 bottle deposit (refunded when both the bottle with Jun label AND the cork are returned). Enjoy!